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Registration for the fall School-Age Program (before & after care and holiday care) is open.  We are accepting registrations at this time, on a first come, first serve basis.  When the School-Age Program is full, we will begin placing new registrations on a waiting list.  

Once completing registration, excluding Fall break, Christmas break, and Spring break, you will be charged weekly regardless of your attendance

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The deposit is non-refundable, and includes your registration fee and your fee for the first week.


  • Mornings only................... $158 deposit =  $75 registration fee + $83 first week 
  • Afternoons only................ $168 deposit =  $75 registration fee + $93 first week 
  • Mornings & Afternoons ... $178 deposit =  $75 registration fee + $103 first week
  • Holiday Care ........$110 deposit= $75 registration fee + $35 first day

Students enrolled in our previous year School Age or Day Camp Program and Central Learning Center preschoolers moving up to Kindergarten will be charged an annual renewal fee of $50 in lieu of the registration fee.  

Transportation will be provided for all Collierville Municipal Schools including:

  • Bailey Station Elementary
  • Collierville Elementary
  • Tara Oaks Elementary 
  • Crosswind Elementary 
  • Sycamore Elementary   
  • Schilling Farms Elementary
  • Collierville Middle (PM only)
  • West Collierville Middle (PM only)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office staff.


Child Release Authorization

The following policy is upheld at Central Learning Center for your child's safety.  Please read carefully.

When a child has been entrusted to us, we cannot release him/her to anyone who, in our judgment, is under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.  If you, your spouse, or anyone you have given permission to pick up your child comes to the Center in this condition, we will insist that arrangements be made for someone else to transport your child home.We will take the following steps in such a case:1. If there is a person in the car that, in our judgment, is not under the influence, and this person is driving or will do so, we will release the child to them.  We will call the parent or emergency contact person and notify them of what we have done.2. If there is not a person in the car that, in our judgment, is not under the influence, we will call the parent or emergency contact person and ask them to come and pick up the child.  If they are unable to come, we will transport the child to their home or the emergency contact person?s home if another adult will be there.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (901) 255-8133.


Emergency Medical Authorization

I authorize Central Learning Center to take whatever emergency medical measures are deemed necessary for the protection of my child while he/she is in their care.  I understand that this authorization includes transporting my child to the hospital, doctor, or clinic without first obtaining my consent.

Additional Terms

I understand that fees are due on Friday for the coming week.  A late charge of 10% will be added on Monday.  No discount will be given for days missed because of illness, vacation or holidays (refer to the school age policy for information concerning credit days).

I understand I am required to give a two-week written notice prior to withdrawing my child from the program, and will be charged for these weeks, regardless of attendance or prior notice.

A copy of the Central Learning Center Complete School-Age Policy is available online at www.centrallearningcenter.com or at the Central Learning Center front desk.


Tennessee Department of Education Summary of Child Care Approval Requirements

We are required by the Department of Education to provide you with a copy of the Tennessee Department of Education Summary of Child Care Approval Requirements.  Please click here to download a copy of this summary.  Hard Copies are always available at the CLC front desk and this link is also available on our website www.centrallearningcenter.com.







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