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Summer Day Camp Field Trips!

Summer Day Camp Field Trips! (subject to change)

Our field trip day is from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Please arrive by 9:00 AM to ensure your child does not miss the bus. Contact your camp surpervisor if you have any questions.


Monday 8/5- SWIM DAY! All camps will be going swimming. Please be sure to send your child in their swim suit with a towel and a change of clothes! Do not wear your day camp shirt.  If you send any sort of flotation device, we will make sure your child wears it the entire time they are in or around the pool.  Sunscreen will be provided. 
Tuesday 8/6-Camp 1 and 3 will go to Chuck E Cheese. Pizza will be provided for lunch. Camp 2 will have programs on campus!

Wednesday 8/7-Camp 2/3 will go to Urban Air! Camp 1 will have programs on campus!
Thursday 8/8- All camps will participate in an End of the Summer Party! PIZZA AND PAJAMAS! Wear your pajamas and come ready for a pizza party as well as more fun stuff on campus!
Friday 8/9- CLC will be closed for teacher in-service! Have a great school year.